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Riding the waves, unperturbed by the howling wind and even lashing rain, the dragon conquers the water and forces through to reach its destination. Such is dragon boating. It’s a team sports that originated in China around 2500 BC on the banks of Yangtze river and in modern times developed in East Asia and worldwide as an competitive sports. Twenty two people, one boat, with one aim. Each member on the boat personifies the spirit of the dragon and its the same spirit that runs through German Dragons.

German Dragons Singapore, founded in 1998 is an international dragon boat team. It has members from all around the globe, and competes in races in Singapore and other places with aim to win medals and trophies.
Diverse we are, yet united in spirit to overcome every challenge and win. We are passionate. We work hard. We train hard. But more importantly we enjoy each other’s success. We are not only a team but also a family. We welcome participant from all nationalities, from all walks of life – especially the ones with right spirit!

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Behind The Paddle

2016年11月当我经过克拉码头那是我第一次看到龙舟比赛。 这是我第一次看到德国龙舟队。我是一名幼儿园华文老师,一直以来我很喜欢运动,在加入龙舟队之前我做了五年瑜伽。我喜欢尝试不同的运动。因为怕水,所以我更愿意尝试不同的水上运动。潜水,冲浪,独木船。2017年华人新年我决定尝试新的运动所以我选择了龙舟。我看到了德国龙舟队有新人训练。我毫不犹豫去报名。第一次训练这里的人们让我感觉到温暖友善在训练时得到了很多的帮助。第二次训练我便已决定加入会员。..

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Join us in our training below:

Tuesdays 7:45pm-9:45pm: Fitness Bootcamp at The Lawn @ Marina Bay
Saturdays 2:30pm-5:00pm: Water Training at Kallang

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